A 5-Piece Blue and White Dutch Delft Garniture

Price: € 4500

  • Date: circa 1780
  • Comprising three baluster-form vases and covers
  • A pair of beaker vases
  • Octagonal
  • Floral decoration within a molded rococo cartouche issuing a molded flower at the top and bottom
  • The reverse with a leafy blue branch
  • The covers reserved with flower decoration within a blue molded cartouche at the front, the reverse with a leafy branch
  • Covers are surmounted by a blue parrot perched on a blue scroll and pecking at a fruit
  • Mark: in blue underglaze: 'LPKAN', De Porcelyne Lampetkan, The Porcelan Ewer Factory


  • Hight beakervase: 28cm (2.54”)
  • Depth beakervase: 10.5cm (4.13”)
  • Hight vase with lit: 37.5cm (17.76”)
  • Depth vase with lit: 10cm (3.93”)     


  • Chips repaired



Delft, Holland
The Porcelan Ewer Factory

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