Buying & Selling Antiques

It may happen that you want to sell a piece of art or a valuable object because your knowledge has broadened, your taste has changed or you just want to exchange it for something else. You may have inherited something you don’t really like or is not your taste. Or you may want to downsize and sell off some of your antique furniture.

Household effects can also be sold because of the division of the inheritance or because of the distribution of the estate.

Buying at an auction is not always a good or wise option. For one, the auction fees are often very high.

If you wish to sell household effects or of you are contemplating selling a high-quality artwork or a piece of antique furniture you can also contact us. Van Nie Antiquairs is always willing to buy a piece of art that fits within our collection. Discretion is of course our first priority.

We ask you to send us some photographs of the object you wish to sell to give us an impression. Of course it is possible to show us the work of art in person. We will discuss the quality of the object, if it is in a good state, if it has any flaws and what the actual worth could be.

If the art object or piece of furniture fits within our collection we will make an agreement with you, transfer the money to you or pay you in cash. It is also possible for us to take the object in consignment.

If the object does not fit within our collection we will help you find another specialized trader.

The current market for antiques is enormously broad and you may not know where to start looking for an antique piece of furniture or art object.

You can also invite us to assist you in finding a specific piece of antique or art object. Because of the years of practical experience, we have build up a vast amount of knowledge and we are glad to help you find the piece of antique that meets your expectations. We know which art objects are available, where they are sold and what their quality is.