Furniture Restoration

Surface treatments are defining for the charisma of the furniture. Polishing is only done with the original method while using shellac by our restorer. Colours and polishing according to tradition is a long process but results in something that outshines modern methods in both quality and beauty.

One major speciality of our restorers are the restoration of veneered furniture, and furniture with marquetery like mother of pearl, turtle, ivory and all kinds of exotic woods.

You can also ask for our restorers to:

Retouch the woodcarving of broken off or missing parts. Expertly restore damaged parts on faceplates, handles, corner ornaments and other frames that are defining the charisma of your antique furniture. Clean, patinate and finish mirrors and mouling with gold foil and silver.

If you are thinking about a restoration of your furniture, this will happen:

We ask you to send us some photographs of the piece of furniture you wish to be restored, in order for us to get an impression of the condition of the object.

Next an appointment will be made with our restorer to look at your piece of furniture and to decide together with you if restoration indeed is an option. If that is the case, the manner of restoration is then discussed. If restoration is not an option, there will be no obligations attached to this meeting.

If your piece of furniture will be restored, you will receive an estimation of the costs a few days afterwards.

If you are okay with the estimated costs, the time in which the restoration will take place will next be discussed.

The piece of furniture will be delivered to us, or picked up from your place, restored, and afterwards returned to your home. Also, we will give you advice on how give the piece of furniture the proper care it needs to stay in optimal state.