Estimation of Antiques

We have the expertise to value all your antiques at our disposal. We can ascertain the authenticity and worth of art and antiques, whether it is to sell the object or not, or in behalf of insurance of household effects and or the insurance of valuables, or for the division or distribution of the estate or joint property.

To all of these different estimations, different values are applied. The replacement value for insurance can be higher than the auction value and the other way around.

An estimation report for the insurance has to be done periodically; usually every three years.

When you contact us please let us know which purpose the estimation serves: to ascertain the authenticity and value of your art and antique, to value your art collection, to value the household effects for your insurance or for dividing, succession or damage expertise after fire or theft.

You are free to make an appointment without our liability with us to asses whether or not an estimation is useful. If this is the case you will receive an offer of the amounted costs affiliated with the estimation. If you agree the estimation will take place. If this is not the case, there are no further obligations. What will be charged to you is based on the rates according to the regulations of the Federation TMV.

If you only have a question about the value of an artobject of piece of furniture, you can also send us some photographs or show us the object. If it is only a matter of oral estimation, we do not charge you anything. We will charge you of course if a survey is needed.

A survey will be sent to you within two days of all our estimations, whether with photographs or not.