Restoration of Pottery

Objects of Delftware, china, majolica, biscuit porcelain or terracotta, are not only beautiful, they are also, unfortunately, very fragile. Fortunately we can help you with our years of practical experience and expertise in order to restore your objects to its former state. Our own restorer is very skilled and you will be amazed by the amount of possibilities our restoration can offer you.

The most applied restoration is the so called “invisible restoration” with which the damage will be repaired in a way that will no longer be visible.

Sometimes it is important that the restoration is reversible. The object will them be restored in a way that it can be brought back to its original state. This is called “museum restoration” and it is a reliable and safe assembly and visible glued fragments.

We value working on a high level, with the best of materials and the newest of techniques. With that, craftsmanship and ethics are really important.

If you are thinking about restoring your pieces of antique or modern objects like Delftware, china, majolica, biscuit porcelain and terracotta, the following takes place:

We would like you to send us some photographs of the broken artefact you want to have restored, in order for us to get an impression of the condition or state of the object. You can of course also come to see us with the object.

After thorough investigation, the manner of restoration is determined. This will always be done so with your approval. During the process we take the condition in account, as well as the damage that needs to be restored, and the techniques and materials that are to be used.

A final estimation will follow via email.

If you are ok with the estimation, we will discuss during which period of time the restoration will take place.

The object can be brought to us or we can pick it up. Next, it will be restored and afterwards it can be picked up or delivered at your place again.