A Blue and White ‘Chinoiserie’ Dutch Delft Large so Called ‘Cardinal’ Charger

Price: € 9500

  • Date: 1680
  • With a decoration of the Chinese porcelain from the transition period
  • Covered with tin glaze and painted in blue
  • Charger painted in the center with two seated conversing figures 
  • The wide rim painted with four groups, a figure wearing a warrior costume standing before a garden fence and rock work, two people conversing in front of a garden fence, a men seated  amidst shrubbery, an attendant presenting a dish
  • Surrounding Samuel van Eenhoorn


  • Hight: 7.5cm (2.95”)
  • Diameter: 50cm (19.68”)


  • Small missings on the edge repaired, 2 small cracks stabilized and repaired
Delft, Holland

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