A Blue and White Three-Piece Mantel Garniture in Dutch Delftware

Price: € 14500

The abdomen showed Transition style borrowed, continuous presentation of narrative scenes with personages.

  • Comprising one baluster-shaped vase with the cover surmounted by a ball-shaped finial - two spherical body shaped vases 
  • Round base
  • Body painted with a continuous Chinese landscape with groups of Oriental figures and a Moor and their attendants
  • Marked in iron-red by 'The Samson factory'
  • Date: circa 1700
  • The Samson factory (Samson & Cie was established from 1845 to 1979/1980) in Paris was one of the producers of pottery designed on the model of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Delft pottery. From about 1880, the factory focused entirely on the reproduction of historical objects from museum and private collections. The factory purchased original objects to preserve similarities in decoration and feel. Molds were made to allow for increased production. After manufacturing several models of such a mold, the factory sold the original object to generate funds for new originals. This garniture is such an original object.


  • Baluster-shaped vase with the cover
  • Height: 51cm (20.07")
  • Circumference: 91cm (36.02")
  • Spherical body shaped vase
  • Height: 51cm (20.07")
  • Circumference: 78.5cm (30.90")


  • Small repairs to the rims of the onion shaped vase


Delft, Holland

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