A French Louis XVI Commode


This commode is a typical example of design of the French Louis XVIth style which combines the 'Noblesse symplicité' of the classic ancient times with the grandeur of the French court. The frivolous shapes of the rococo-era were abandoned for distinct proportions and elements derrived from ancient architecture. The fluted flanks of this commode recall ancient columns.

Under the rectangular eared *Blue Turquin* marble top is a frieze drawer which appears as three drawers due to the arrangement on the front. But when opened an interiour with red velvet reveals on full lenght. The gilt strip under this drawer continues to the sides. Therefore the continuous harmony between front and flankes is created, which is caracteristic for French Louis XVI commodes.

The other drawers are also in full lenght and mounted with the same handles and lockplate with knot. Standing on ' toupie' feet which are also caught in mounts.

Late 18th century
Mahogany with ormulu mounts and Blue turquin marble top.
88 x 129 x 60 cm

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