A Very Exceptional Set Rococo Dining Chairs


Chairs en cabriolet were the most favourable type during the reign of Louis XV, because of they sit so comfortably. In the inventories of the madame de Pompadour were many chairs of this type enlisted. In Paris and French provinces many were manifactured. In other parts of Europe this type was applied as well, but within local conventions, and lesser amount. Because of the thorough construction, the proportions and the very sublte ornamentation, this set tells that its provenance is not French but rather more Northly. The sculptured details could also indicate German manifacture. A set of this number and quality is very rare these days, and therefore it has been a long time since a simular set was on the international market.

This very exceptional set Rococo consists of two armchairs and no less than six chaises à cabriolet.
Characterising for the set is that its rich, but not abundant asymmetrical rococo-carvings are all heading the same direction.
Padded backrest, arms and a serpentine shaped seat are carved with subtle foliate scrolles, rocailles and stylized acanthus. The S-shaped shaped cabriole-legs are carved on the knees with an elegant flowered branch.

Ex-collectie Salomon Stodel Antiquités

The Netherlands
Around 1750
97 x 55 x 54 cm

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