Art Deco Pair of Marble Busts of a Girl and Boy by B. Tedeschi

Price: € 6200

Nice pair of Art Deco white marble portrait busts representing a girl and a boy.

  • The boy in sailor`s outfit
  • The girl with typical haircut from the period
  • Both on a square integral base, which is turned for a quarter by the girl
  • On the base of the boy B.TEDESCHI for Giovanni Battista Tedeschi (1883 Mergozzo Verbiana -1944 Palanza Verbiana)
  • Mesurements boy: 44cm. (17.32") x 23cm. (9.05") x 14cm. (5.51")
  • Mesurements girl: 44cm. (17.32") x 23cm. (9.05") x 23cm. (9.05")
42 cm

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