A Silver Mounted Mahogany Serving Tray


A silver mounted mahogany serving tray, the oval tray with rim with silver handles.

The oval mahogany tray is decorated with a groove and has a wide raised edge. On the short sides, are two silver handles.
The 1825 cash book of the Bonebakker firm, reports the following entry:
" Mrs. Wed. Hooft, geb Huisman, Heregr. bij de Utr. Str. 1 oval mahogany tea tray, with standing wooden edge, two silver handles, f 59,-- "

In April 1825, we find two entries, in the book, what the Firm of Bonebakker paid to the silversmith,
- 2 large ears on a tea tray with feathers, f 16.
- 2 ears on a wooden tea leaf, f 16.
This is probably the first item, because there are indeed "feathers" on the silver handles of the tea leaves in question.

Theodorus Gerardus Bentvelt was born in Amsterdam in 1782 as the son of Gerardus Bentvelt and Catharina van Rossum. They were Catholic. He became a master silversmith in 1806 and until his death in 1853 worked almost exclusively for the Bonebakker firm. Bentvelt chose the profession of silversmith, the trade that his grandfather, Evert van Rossum, had also performed. He had his own studio at Vijzelgracht, with only permanent employees. Among other things, he manufactured the Dutch National Crown. His son Henricus also worked as a silversmith, while his daughter, Maria Elisabeth was married to the diamond cutter/jeweler Adrianus de Voys. T.G. Bentvelt can be considered one of the most important silversmiths of the first half of the 19th century. The quality of his work is unsurpassed.


The Netherlands
Mahogany and silver
Silver mark: Th. G. Bentveld
65 x 39 cm

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