A Blue and White Tobacco Box with Cover and Tamper


The round box and lid are decorated with three scenes that show the practice of a barber-surgeon. We can see him shaving, swatheling wounds and performing bloodletting. The Tobaccobox is still complete with the tamper which is decorated with demi-blossoms and foliate motifs. The inscription on the cover shows "GERARDUS PETTINGA 1763". This means that this box was made on personal order by **Albertus Kiel** from the Witte Starre in Delft, whose sign shows on the bottom.

We know that Gerardus Pettinga was a surgeon in Leeuwarden from 1759 untill he died in 1794. He married Tetje Gerbens Hoornstra on the 10th of April 1963, the same year as written on the lid.

Delft, The Netherlands
Around 1763
AK*, stands for Albertus Kiel, owner of the `De Witte StarreĀ“ factory
14.3 cm

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