An Imperial Yellow-ground Embroidered Silk Panel

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When silk was gold!

Comprising five sections superbly and colourfully embroidered in satin stitch with a continuous scene 


  • A Vajra Dorje Phurba Cross  supported on a large sunflower
  • Yin Yang: a Chinese philosophical concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces
  • Bunch of burning

Six sunflowers heads with:

  • Ribboned vase on a white elephant ( The elephant was seen as a symbol of the king's power and wealth, and it was said that whoever possessed a white elephant was destined to rule over the land.)
  • Ribboned vase on a donkey
  • Warrier fighting with lion
  • Immortal or praying monk
  • Immortal or praying monk
  • Wheel of life 

All amidst a dense design of floral scrolls in green and bleu against a golden ground

Qianlong Period (1736-1795)
81 x 227 cm

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